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Update regarding online Marriage Preparation:


The Office for Family Life Ministry will be continuing to offer online marriage preparation courses in light of the ongoing nature of the health crisis. We have been blessed to work with many engaged couples already and know that offering preparation during this time remains a constant need.


Normally, this time of year would see the booklets mailed out with locations and times. Despite that live large group sessions are still out of our reach, we will continue to work with couples seeking sacramental preparation.


We will continue using online registration and hosting webinar meetings. Sessions are only posted a few at a time, but we will continue to add for as long as needed. We have not printed scheduling booklets, rather web- based sessions will be scheduled a few times per month.


Engaged couples seeking preparation can still begin the process here:


We are also working on an online version of the Archdiocesan Marriage Survey and hope to have that available soon. In the meantime, surveys can still be sent via mail to the office. We will continue to do our best to get them scored and back to you in as timely a manner as we can.


If you have any questions (or ideas) about programming, please email




Phone: 973-497-4324

Fax:      973-497-4317

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