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Activities & Announcements:

2020 Annual Appeal

“Shining the Light of Christ”

is our great opportunity to participate in the
pastoral life of our Archdiocese of Newark. If 400 families donate a one-
time gift of $50 we will make our goal. Envelopes are at the entrance of the Church.

God bless your generosity.


Flu  “Guidelines  for  the  Liturgy”   from  the  Office  of  Divine  Worship,  Archdiocese  of  Newark:


​If  you  feel  you  are  contagious,  you  may  legitimately   excuse  yourself  from  the  obligation  to  attend  Mass.

If  you  are not  feeling  well,  please  refrain  from  receiving  the Blood  of  Christ  and  avoid  physical  contact  with  others,  such  as  shaking  hands  during  the  Kiss  of  Peace.

Please  cover  your   mouth  with  a tissue  or  handkerchief  when  coughing  or  sneezing.  Do not leave the soiled tissue in the pew.

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