St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church is a diverse, committed, and welcoming community of Faith.  Missionary disciples defines us.

Return to our Church

The  return to  our  Church  will  occur  through a  three-phase  gradual  process.   Each  phase  will  be  rolled  out  with  specific dates  and  directives  to follow  determined by  Archdiocese.                                                                              


Schedule for St. Catherine’s:

  • Sunday’s Exposition and Prayer:      9 AM to 12:00 Noon

  • Monday to Friday:                              3 to 6 PM

  • Saturdays:                                           9 AM to 12:00 Noon

*Before Coming please click below for more information and warnings*: 


Letter from Fr. Aurelio 5/21/2020:

Dear  friends:

As a parish community, together we are living through our return to  the  Church as per the Archdiocesan  guidelines.  In this “phase 1,”  the  doors of  the Church will  be  open  a  few  hours a  day  for  prayer.

I was  moved in my heart to  see  both adults and young people coming  to make  the  “Blessed  Sacrament” a  visit  to unburden their  emotions  and give their prayers.  Some  have  also come  prepared to  receive the  Sacrament  of Confession. The joy on their faces behind a mask was palpable. 

While the livestreaming  of  the  Mass  and  other  devotions  is playing an  important part  in maintaining  the  life  of  faith,  there is no substitute  for Catholics  being able to physically  attend and participate  in the  celebration of  the Mass and  the  other sacraments.  Our  faith  is  expressed powerfully  and  beautifully  though “seeing, touching,  and  tasting.”

Together with  Catholics everywhere,  we  desire  the complete opening of our  churches and  access to the  sacraments.  Until  then,  we  are invited to pray  and prepare.  We  are looking  forward  to “Phase 2.”

As we  are  approaching the Solemnity of  Pentecost, it is  important to  start the  novena of  preparation for the  coming  of  the Holy Spirit which you will see in a tab above.  “But  when  he  comes, the Spirit  of  truth,  he  will guide  you to  all  truth.” (John 16:13)

With  my  regard  and  the assurance  of my prayer.


Rev. Aurelio  Yañez


Things to do/

keep in mind


We will be having gatherings for the parents & students weekly on Saturdays at 11 a.m. More information about these gatherings will be sent to you in the upcoming week. We will be using Zoom.


Dr. Ricardo Casimiro is offering free online Bible study classes for our parish at 7:30 PM via Zoom: 



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All Masses and church activities are CANCELED


The Church of St. Catherine of Siena is a Roman Catholic Community committed to practicing the charity of the Lord through good works and love of neighbor


Our Pastoral Center supports the activities of our Parish such as studies and meetings. Visit our Chapel for weekly Mass and adoration. 


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